Earth Shifting on its Axis

Dear One, we come to convey a message. Your earth is starting to shift. It will rotate on its axis (pole shift), slowly and we all will take care of the connection, the safety and whats necessary to cleanse. From now on until 2017 your time, you will start to perceive time as a diluted measure no longer that significant. You who are connected are the front row of this massive shift. You are leading the energy path, as you walk it you create it and leave the trace for others to follow, as you share it you help to raise their vibration and frequency.

As frequency and vibrations ascend everything starts to entrain, domino effect. Among the connected, there are groups, each group intends to work with the clearance and creation of new ways on different themes. 

You are giving your first steps as new earth inhabitants. Though new earth might seem more like a concept now, know that it exists and will manifest the more humans arrive. You are physically living a duality to which you represent a bridge. Remember this is not a loners mission. Continue to grow yourselves and your bond.  

Alleryan, from Andromeda